Overcoming the Battle Against Time and Burnout in MSK Management

“For years, I felt like I couldn’t make a decent living without feeling totally overwhelmed.” Dr. Piselli’s candid admission captures the emotional strain endured by providers in the face of EMR challenges. This sentiment resonates with countless others across the medical field who have faced similar struggles. 

According to studies, twenty-five to sixty percent of physicians report burnout across all specialties.

Dr. Piselli’s journey as a podiatrist was a familiar tale. Struggling with manual data entry, long wait times, and the complexity of billing, her clinic hours often extended far beyond their scheduled end. 

Enter Populate, the solution that transformed her challenges into triumphs.


A Seamless Transition to Efficiency

Dr. Piselli’s previous EMR required manual data entry for new patients, contributing to her understaffed clinic’s struggles and extended wait times. The stress of navigating multiple interfaces, along with a cumbersome billing process, led Dr. Piselli to question if billing per patient was maximized. 

New patient information now auto-populates, freeing up staff to assist in procedures, look for new patients, improve patient experience, and more. Dr. Piselli confidently added extra patients without fear, completing note-taking by 5:30 pm, reducing wait times by over half, and simplifying billing.


AI Assistance for Maximum Productivity

With Populate, Dr. Piselli embraced newfound efficiency. AI not only helps write notes but also suggests missed codes and reduces concerns about maximizing billing. The system’s intuitive design ensures that everything – from note-taking to billing management – is tailored to make her life easier. Dr. Piselli and her practice manager now seamlessly handle billing, allowing them to take charge of their practice and focus on what matters most: providing their patients with top-notch health care.


Anticipating Success with Populate

Dr. Piselli’s battle against time and burnout found its champion in Populate. By simplifying processes, automating tasks, and providing AI support, Populate not only enhanced efficiency but also brought back her joy of practicing medicine. The journey from extended clinic hours to a streamlined, stress-free practice showcases the positive impact Populate can have on MSK management.

“Everything about the system is designed to make my life easier,” Dr. Piselli said about Populate. “If I forget a code, the AI will read my notes and suggest a code I missed.”

This success story unfolds not just as a case study but as an inspiration for those battling time and burnout in musculoskeletal care.