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6 Strategies to Elevate the Quality of Patient Visits in Podiatry Practices

Understanding the complexities of podiatry practices, we recognize the transformative impact an effective EMR can have on the field. EMRs play a pivotal role in modern podiatric healthcare, offering a range of benefits that help podiatrists spend more time with their patients and improve practice management.
System Design

Higher Order System Design

Building a system right is not an easy task. It is harder to keep it right as the system evolve over time. Change is the inevitable truth in life and in system design. Over time, software behavior that was once correct, becomes prone to misbehave as the the software becomes more complex with every change request.

Why you NEED an AI-Powered EMR

In a world increasingly driven by data and digital solutions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industries across the globe. From self-driving cars to personalized marketing, AI is revolutionizing how we live and work.

Best EMRS for Podiatrists: Top 5 Choices

Understanding the complexities of podiatry practices, we recognize the transformative impact an effective EMR can have on the field. EMRs play a pivotal role in modern podiatric healthcare, offering a range of benefits that help podiatrists spend more time with their patients and improve practice management.

The Change Healthcare Crisis: What the Hack Means for Private Practices

On February 21, 2024, Change Healthcare was hit by a ransomware attack from the group BlackCat/ALPHV, crippling one of the top U.S. healthcare transaction processors.

Switching EMRs Made Easy: We Manage the Move So You Don’t Have To

Transitioning to a new EMR can feel like a major undertaking for a practice. The process is often filled with challenges, ranging from data migration complexities to staff adapting and learning to a whole new system.

Stepping Towards Sustainability: How Populate EMR Reduces Paper Waste

This Earth Day, it's time to reflect on the traditional habits that have long defined medical practices and to embrace a change that benefits both the planet and your practice. Populate's AI-powered Podiatry EMR system is at the forefront of this transformation.

Modern Steps: Transforming Podiatry Care for Millennials and Gen Z

In podiatry and orthopedics, while patient care covers all ages, most practices place a notable emphasis on older demographics. These practices overlook the substantial benefits of engaging younger patients, particularly active individuals or athletes.

Every Claim Counts: Optimizing Billing in Healthcare

Claim management is a complex and demanding process. From accurately documenting visit notes to validating, submitting, and ultimately accepting claims, it's easy for small claims to get overlooked amid the pursuit of larger ones.

A Comprehensive Guide for Upgrading Your Medical Practice

Imagine you’ve been driving a VW Bug since the 60s. It's not the fastest or most luxurious car, but it’s faithfully carried you for hundreds of thousands of miles. For decades, you thought to yourself, why replace what isn’t broken?

Simplify Your Workflow: 5 Ways to Spend Less Time in Your EMR

If you're thinking about diving into EMR for your medical practice or have recently made the switch, you're likely on the lookout for some handy tips. While EMR is a game-changer, it does bring its own set of challenges.

Different Strokes, Different Folks, Easy Notes

Twenty years ago, notes were simple memory joggers – a quick scribble of what would help you the next time you met a patient. Simple, straightforward, and just enough to help you remember. Fast forward to today, the concept of notes has changed completely, protecting against insurance audits and malpractice suits.

Advanced Strategies for minimizing Denials and winning Appeals

In the world of medical billing, where the standard procedures for managing insurance denials are well-known. However, if you’re reading this, you’re not satisfied with just ‘standard’. You want to excel, to outperform, and to ensure maximum success in the appeals process.

How to Ensure Efficient Patient Chart Completion

In every successful medical practice, the front office staff takes on multiple roles, juggling various responsibilities to keep things running smoothly. However, we recognize that valuable time spent on manual data entry is time not spent engaging in more impactful tasks.

Effortless Billing Automation for Faster, Error-Free Results

For experienced practice managers, refining the billing process is an ongoing challenge. What adds to the complexity is the stark reality that the revenue cycle can often take 120 days or more, making it extremely difficult to manage cash flow in a private practice.

Maximizing MIPS Scores with Minimal Effort

As an experienced practice manager, you're likely familiar with the intricacies of MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) and its impact on your practice – particularly if you’re in musculoskeletal specialties like orthopedics, podiatry, or physiatry.

Overcoming the Battle Against Time and Burnout in MSK Management

“For years, I felt like I couldn’t make a decent living without feeling totally overwhelmed.” Dr. Piselli’s candid admission captures the emotional strain endured by providers in the face of EMR challenges.

How Does Populate Enhance Patient-Centered Experiences?

By integrating advanced features with a genuine emphasis on patient-centered care, Populate aims to redefine how MSK professionals perceive and manage their practices.

5 Reasons to Switch to Populate

By making the switch to Populate, healthcare providers in the musculoskeletal field can look forward to increased productivity, reduced administrative burden, enhanced accuracy, and improved patient care.

In pursuit of a beautiful system

At Populate, building software follows a “north star” principle: writing minimal code that is hard to break yet flexible to adaptation. In this article, I will share some of the ideas in software engineering we are experimenting with to build a quality system.

Why we started Populate

Our mission is to improve the experience for healthcare workers everywhere. To do this, Populate needs to create software that is streamlined, saves time, and provides better information the moment it is needed.

Why Populate Uses .NET

The article explains the choice of using the .NET platform at Populate and establishes .NET as an excellent choice for what we are building. This article does not attempt to prove that .NET is the only way to do it.